Birmingham School prom dates suffer year on year after poor school organisation

Limousines have become an essential accessory to the school prom calendar coming close to a young bachelor or bachelorettes outfit. On this note it is quite surprising then that so many schools book their prom on the same date of the year as many others causing a shortage of limousines and novelty vehicles.

Year on year 25th, 26th June, 1st July, 2nd July and others have been overwhelmed with prom dates whereby limousine operators can be fully booked by January. The majority of proms in the UK are held at the same time opening their venue doors at 7pm whereby limousines will pick up the prom girls and boys an hour before to provide a cruise around before taking them to the venue. At this point you will see a convoy of limousines cueing up and arriving in front of proud parents and teachers taking photos as the kids get out of their vehicles.

With the same busy dates for 2013 it is inevitable some customers will get double booked, ask any limousine operator and they will also explain how many calls they get from kids leaving their limo booking late in the day and begging for availability for their special day.


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