A guide to hiring hummers and adventure holiday limos in Birmingham and the West Midlands area

Adventure holidays in remote locations are becoming ever more popular but using a normal two wheel drive passenger car can get you into trouble when driving off the beaten track. Renting a more rugged and more capable 4?4 vehicle is crucial to making driving to your destination possible.

4×4 vehicles have three main advantages. The most important advantage is the extra traction a four wheel drive vehicle has which makes it possible to drive across muddy, slippery or snow covered terrain. Another advantage a 4×4 vehicle has is the additional ground clearance that keeps the chassis clear of rocks and other obstacles you will come across on the road. Additionally the extra room afforded in a 4×4 lets you pack typical adventure holiday equipment such as tents, skis and backpacks.

It is important to know the difference between 4?4 vehicles. Even though additional traction is common to all makes there is a difference in the degree of terrain difficulty with which a vehicle can cope. `Soft Roaders` such as the Honda CR-V, Kia Sorento, Lexus R-series and even the BMW X5 are good for ice or snow covered roads or sandy spots where the only challenge is traction and ground clearance. Purpose built 4?4`s however have advanced capabilities. Vehicles such as the Land Rover Discovery, Range Rover, certain Jeep models and the Toyota Land Cruiser fall into this category.

4×4 vehicles that have been designed to tackle really rough terrain share a number of common features that differentiate them from soft roaders. The most important feature of a true 4?4 is a low range gearbox. A vehicle with a low-range gearbox has two sets of gears with the `high range` being similar to a normal car. Low range gears however is a different set of gears that forces the engine to spin at much higher revolutions. This improves traction, allows engine braking and makes it a lot easier to go over terrain slowly and carefully.

Another crucial area in which a capable 4?4 would excel is in ground clearance: not only should the vehicle stand some distance away from the ground but it should also have good approaching angles, in other words the front and rear overhang need to be kept to a minimum so that the vehicle maintains its ground clearance when going up or down an incline.

So when planning your holiday you should consider how difficult the road you will travel will be and then decide which type of vehicle you need to hire. Another consideration is in terms of vehicle insurance: often the rental insurance policy only covers driving on normal roads and there will be an additional fee to pay to get cover for off road driving, otherwise you may not be covered for accidental damage. As always it is important to go with a reputed car higher company such as car rental Luton ? if you`re in a remote location you will want a reliable vehicle.

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